Wednesday 2 August 2017


 On Tuesdays I go to a meditation group that meets in the Church that I go to - a silent period in which we can put aside the buzz of thought in the brain, opening out space in the mind (we hope!) for more fruitful understandings later. Rather than taking a bus (Southampton is well equipped) I often walk - about 20m.
 Last Tuesday I gave myself time to walk slowly, and after a while this started to feel like a mini pilgrimage. In reality all people around me were going shopping, meeting friends and so on; but I could mentally include them in my pilgrimage, so that I could recognise  the worth of each and I could pray for them, until I reached the christian sanctuary of the meditation.
 As we left at the end I talked to another member, and we agreed that (as I would put it)  the meditation itself was in danger of being smothered by recorded presentations at its beginning. An introduction is needed as a link between the business of the day and the deeper awareness of the meditation. But no choice can suit everyone, and we agreed that the current pattern very well balanced!

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