Tuesday 17 July 2018

I have two books about God on my book-shelf: the Bible and the Quran. The latter is put higher than any other book, following tradition. I had once read the first of these all the way through in my young enthusiastic period, but not for the Qur'an. Thinking of these sacred books, as it were from a distance, they present a path for the world, to move from violence and greed to love. A path, but from which  so many are twisted.  

Walking with a differnce

Today I was walking to the usual tree-grove - but there came a difference.
Many years ago  I realised that tree-hugging was improper to the tree, which is fare greater than I. But today I did hold to that great central tree, and felt my own heart-beat reverberate within the tree. And I turned to the smaller, path from the farther gap among the shrubs ahead with silent thought. 

Wednesday 4 July 2018

"Flaring forth" and being

From a discussion group the other day: it seems that we now have a plausible account of the start of the universe. First is the initial "flaring forth" of primordial energy. Then, as it it expands, some parts collect into clumps of various sises, appearing as scattering. Some clump into arrangements that we label "galaxy", "stars", "planets".
But it occurred to me that this movement is not mechanical  (in the sense of Newton's physics). The flaring was, like all things, is a quantum event, holding many possibilities for the next step. How does a definite outcome occur?  Surly I am thinking in a wrong way?  May be in my searching for the "how", I forget the "what is?  That is, "what is the universe for itself?. "Yet I can only obtain through letting part of my being become part of the all.