Friday 30 December 2016

Mist! gently keeping quietness around the trees and houses, drawing the scope of the seen world into a gentle spread of here, now. Beyond the visible trees I knew those unseen, and beyond those the town, planet and so on ... to the all-encompassing ultimate being, in the beauty of silence.

Sunday 18 December 2016

Last night I was awake, with recollections of the start of "Green Spirit" - a variety of friends exploring a new awareness of the other-than-human inhabitants of our earth. Ironically, alongside the expansion of our community in embracing this wider vision there were three suicides among my close associates. Birth and death necessarily go hand in hand; and, among we humans, both can take strange forms.

Saturday 17 December 2016

A gentle reality

The small hours of today marked my realisation that I was no longer an author./ philosopher / physicist: just an elderly bloke with Alzheimer's syndrome.  It's quite a relief!
... (continued a couple of days later ...)
Yes, that's the gloomy thought woke me then. But, while the first bit is true, I must add that I continue to receive many gifts. When the need arises, I can still allow the world to open for me the unseen "isness" of the trees and the land; and, when the need becomes great, the unseen presence of the angels.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

There's a lot of shaky writing suggesting that quantum theory can provide a basis for all sorts of "wow" events -  precognition, remote viewing and so on. Scientists (I used to be such) dismissed this by pointing out that the spooky quantum realm rules only over minute objects, and for a very short times, after which interaction with the observation degrades the mysterious 'quantum superposition' into an ordinary collection of probabilities, of the sort we are familiar with in rolling a dice.
Well, yes and no ...  On that scenario we start with a physical state and finish with a probability; so how do we get an actual result.
And other thing .... at the beginning of the universe the entire cosmos was at a quantum size, and a single quantum object stays as a quantum object. Is God the external observer? If so, we are just the playthings of God, which is theologically objectionable. I suggest that there is a real action whereby sentient beings endows isness into a possibility, and that these actions shape the single quantum state of the very beginning of the world.  

Monday 12 December 2016

For me, a basic problem with "the people of the book" (Judaism, Christianity and to some extent Islam, and I'm one of these)  is our interpretation of "let us make man after our image" (Genesis 1:26) - or "the Almighty breathes into [man His] spirit" (Qur'an 32:6). These suggests that we humans are set apart from all other plants and animals - and that we therefore have a free hand to do with the Earth whatever we want. In other words, that "might is right". My love of the earth recoils from this.
Rather, what I see from the stars and the trees is that we are one of the amazing items on one of the many worlds.
This is not to say that I deny the Divine that illuminates the cosmos and all that is in it. And, more and more in life, I am carried by the pure "is-ness" of existence (Hindu:"tat savitur varenyam") that illuminates us and all beings -  the is-ness that dances in the trees in my walks as well as in the stars.