Wednesday 29 August 2018

"God-bothering" again! About the meaning of "God". The original word Elohim for "God" in Hebrew should mean "Gods", but the theologians have sorted that own satisfactorily. The problem for me is, what/who does it mean? The book of John's oxymoron, of god as both creator and created:  "In the beginning the word already was" is a start, but it doesn't really help. Perhaps perhaps it's not meant to.
Physicists propose a point "flaring forth" of the initial universe, within a physics in which space and time are mixed and action is fluid. Some how, God is both the making firm and, through quantum physics, always fluid.      

Sunday 26 August 2018

Southampton Common

(It's perhaps worth mentioning that I've got Alzheimer syndrome -a progressive degeneration of the brain. In my case its making it hard to recall words, and very often events. So I have to write this very slowly!)
Daily walking, starting from Southampton Common, is a vital activity - reminding me that what now is what matters.
Yesterday I encountered at least 3 "How-you-do"s from dogs - (that is, me putting out my hand to the dog for it to give me a quick lick on it, to that I am the top dog). This then open's a smile from the owner - or some times for the owner to yank the dog away from me - which I think is "a bit off". 

Saturday 25 August 2018

I've not been blogging

I've not been blogging because, for the past two days or so, I was floundering in trying to create a grand compendium of my blogs on paper - to wow friends!? I was finding it more and more difficult.  My wife Isabel swiftly sorted me out when I told her. (What hubris on my part- Sorry: that's a posh word for pretending you're more clever that you are!).
 It's good to be normal again. I went to a nearby church that's usually always open and empty. It's atmosphere of what it stands for usually sorts me out, as it further helped today.

Friday 3 August 2018

Hey! I've just drunk coffee using "Cuba Cumanaygua" coffee beans. It's grate! From Waitrose.
I walk almost every day, but this time I just followed my liking. I wandered out, as often, to the grove of beech trees nearby and sat down, breathing the presence of each tree.
After a while I recalled that there was a larger grove concealed just off the golf field not long from here, with a plane tree dominating it, more concealed than the beech grove tree. I went there. I seem to like symbols.