Friday 11 August 2017

Yes: God again ...

The notion of single human-like god who created "all that is" seems to have developed some 3300 years ago (from ancient Egypt) and has developed ever since through Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jesus and Muhammad experienced God an a way that made it appropriate to speak of god as God: person-like. But their concept of the universe was fully graspable. You might say that their universe was a lager version of what could be seen from a high mountain.
Now we can speak of multiple universes, twisting time and space within each.

So what is that I, none the less, "believe"?
The best I can do is to recognise that what I think is "the universe" is tightly limited to the capacity of my own humanity. "The Universe is physics" is as narrow as "God is love" and the nature of each is bottomless. And in addition to thinking, there is nature of my own being, that can join reach out to the being of other people, of the trees and the hills - and perhaps beyond.

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