Sunday 30 July 2017


This morning our priest preached a crude and clumsy exposition of the afterlife. 
I can remember that, when I was very young, I quietly cried at night because I knew that I would eventually die. This gradually subsided into a deeply suppressed worry which took some time to go away. After this, death became simply the obvious fact that is held by most none-religious people.
Christianity, Islam and many others, however, proclaim an "afterlife" (as was preached to me this morning), believing that our mind re-starts after death, being embodied in a new version of the body (I may not have got that quite right!). For me this is baffling!

I recognise that normal human understanding can grasp only a tiny shard of reality, so that there exists a vast expanse of being that we can never understand - at any rate, not with our normal way of thinking. I am content if the "afterlife" is part of this expanse. But I know that on occasions I have touched the isness of other beings; and so I might at some time receive an inkling of afterlife as well.   

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