Wednesday 28 November 2018

I've bene reading  Karon Armstrong's excellent book on the development of Islam from start to now - in less than 170 pages!  I'm impressed  and enjoyed - but all the time I'm thinking "it's all missing the point". In my case I'm a Cristian, going to church, taking communion … but that is a matter of where I was born, not what I am. That  is about my inner feeling.

Sunday 11 November 2018

I'm thinking of angels: traditionally the assistances of God, and about whether they are, and from this, what is "being" when the are so flued".  Two events make me wonder. A long time ago when I was coming out of a church I was aware, without any seeing, a pure "Isness". And the seconds was recent, looking at flock of distant birds swirling in the distance, that seeming beyond normal being, as this moment had a seventh dimension.