Tuesday 27 June 2017

Some time ago I used to be a mathematical physicist and was fascinated by the extremes of being, which at that time meant the cosmos and the smallest particles.
Now I am realising that "the cosmos" (including multiple universes etc) does not embrace all that is: rather it picks out those those aspects of the whole that can be grasped by physics. Yet at times, and this morning, there is a glimpse that hints of some other. 

Friday 23 June 2017

The oaks in the common are dancing.
With every week they shift their weight
upon the ground.
For every month they swirl their garments,
and in the year begin to reach out to their friends.
There is but one majestic step throughout their age,
 in which they open out the centuries to their death.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Just come from a meeting connected to "scispirit" (i.e. Science and Spirituality), which is also strongly interested in the environment. It was enjoyable,but niggling behind it was the thought: what about transcendence? There were explanations from physics and traditional stories: but what about the inward awareness of the "others" that encircle, define and support our ideas and theories?

Saturday 17 June 2017

D.I.Y. religion

Dy definition I'm a Christian: I received adult baptism when I was in college; I go to church pretty regularly; I contend that the bare fact of the existence of the universe requires some "thing", one that brings out of nothing (I have speculated on this last idea in 27th May of this blog); and I agree that Jesus had a deep connection with this ultimate being, to the extent that he referred to this source as "Father".
But then I (along, I suspect, with many other people in a similar state) balk at the proposal that Jesus is a fundamental component of god. (That last is not a proper way of talking about the Trinity!)

What I would say is that
  first, I must recognise that my own isness, is both in me and for me;
  second, that each creature, whereof I can suppose that it has isness, is worthy of respect;
  third, that there is no end to being.

Thursday 1 June 2017

If anyone is reading this (if you are, please let me know on
 https://mail.google.com/mail/chris@cjsclarke.org ! )   you will have seen my obsession with particular places that draw me, of which the strongest is the an elm tree set back a little from the path along the North side of the Southampton golf course.
It am no longer draws to ecstasy: rather, I now join the tree as an old friend. Its appearance is now smaller, down to my size.
And the stream (mentioned earlier) that I next encounter is ... a stream.
Things are better so.