Saturday 12 August 2017


Here's my standard recipe for wholemeal bread:

 BREAD (revised 12/8/2017)
Apparatus (in addition to usual)
3 cooking tins, Measuring jug, grinder (e.g. mortar and pestal)

50 gm yeast
250 gm strong white bread flour  
1 kg strong wholemeal bread flour 
Sesame, sunflower and linseeds to taste.
A little sugar ad lib.
Up to 720ml warm water as required
1.3 tsp salt
About 2 serving spoons of vegetable oil for kneading.

If using gas, heat up in good time.
Oil 3 bread pans with butter (or do this while waiting for first rise) .
Cream yeast with a little sugar, add 150 ml warm water, cover with
 some  of the white flour and leave to rise.
Put remaining white flour in one heap in mixing bowl and wholemeal
 flour  in another heap.
Roast sesame seeds, grind with some of the wholemeal flour and
 return  to its heap.
Roast sunflower seeds and add to wholemeal heap.
Put linseed to soak with water in a cup .
Mix everything, except linseed, with salt, oil and 500-550ml warm
water as required and knead.
Kneed and leave in warm place to “prove”.

Divide into 3 parts for bread pans and put to rise. (if pans are same
           shapes it’s quickest to weigh the  parts)      
(If not done already, oil 3 bread pans with butter.
Spread linseed over them

Cook for about 25 min.
(Gas: 8 reducing to 6. three in parallel  
 AGA: start with sideways pan at back. Later reverse and
   put in deflector)

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