Monday 24 July 2017

Back to Christianity again:
why do I continue as a regular member of a christian church when I cannot agree with the the statements of the "creed" (the formal statement of belief)? It's not because I enjoy the chatting at the end (because I'm not very chatty). Rather, my "faith", if you can call it that, is as follows:

  About 14 billion years ago the "seed" of our universe came into being. We know little about the seed. There may, for example, be many universes emerged from some greater unity. But there must surely be such a thing as the totality of all universes (even if their numbers enter the hierarchy of infinite numbers that current mathematics allows). So, if we are to talk about god, god would hold this infinity of infinities, this oneness, whose nature would be incomprehensible.
  We, despite our limited capacity, can still reach out to this totality - from science and from our inner imagination that can receive a spark of the oneness. It is this that enables me to speak the first words of the christian creed (and the similar assertions of the Quran and others) and then move on.

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