Thursday 9 November 2017

Where three roads meet

   Today's walk started off very basically: crossing the road to the Common, walking towards the underpass beneath the road, with it's layers of  (very competent) graffiti ... and I started to wonder where I would go. A thought came to me, something like a voice: "the common will tell you". And so I duly wandered: along the path close to the nearby road, turning at it's end to the next edge, and finally, with some relief, entering the far end of a wood. Initially it seemed a dump, with empty beer cans and discarded clothes scattered around: but soon was the real wood.
   It was a dark area with widely scattered yew trees. There was no undergrowth, apart from some large fallen branches, three of which were raised from the earth, like aerial roads. I was reminded of  Oedipus, who was told that a fateful event would happen where three roads meet. Everything was peaceful, however, where I was.
(A long time ago I was fascinated by Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex in which Oedipus' fate was unknowingly to kill his father and marry his mother)

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