Tuesday 7 November 2017

 Walking, as so often, to the beech grove yesterday, I encountered an interesting change. Four of the various large fallen branches that scatter around there had been arranged in a neat large square, suggesting a comfortable place for a few people to sit in. There were no empty cans near by (as there are sometimes) : it had been a gently civilized event, perhaps a pic-nick. But!!, this square was placed right in front of the central tree, the one on which, whenever I came there, I drew the essence of the grove, the tree against which I rested when ever I came!
 I paused, and then left happily. I took it as a useful reminder that symbols which you set up, such as the one that I assigned to this tree, should not be clung to.
 I'm tempted to continue this principal regarding what I do in church, but this is getting into deep water!  

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