Friday 3 November 2017

Cosmic intelect

Back home yesterday after a trip to Fowey! - and now musing on today's walk in Southampton Common. I was reflecting on the universe ("the universe" used to be my specialty before I left Southampton University!). My mind wandered to a remark out in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe: "You might think that going to shop is a long time, but the universe ... is  really big".
So, in that case, it's likely that there are other beings out there who might be similar to us; or, more likely, more development. What might they say about the universe? Posably their way of thinking would be so different from ours that there could be no such contact.
This difficulty occurs even within our own planet. I am attracted by dogs, though I never thought of having one (far to difficult to look after!). When I pass one, I still say "hello" (in human-doggyish, of course: I hold my hand down with the back of my palm to the dog, and the dog licks it).

Another frequent encounter, as noted in an earlier blog, is with trees - but here it is a different interaction: my opening to a tiny spark of the inner nature of the tree.

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