Saturday 2 September 2017

While dozing on a train yesterday, I found myself musing on the way each creature has (I suppose) its own view of the world. Cows chew and ruminate, storks stand immovably, domestic cats cuddle or  slip out and try pouncing ... but there, I presume, is now way in which we can see thorough their eyes.
Except ... there was moment  when I had been gazing at a small tree, absorbing its nature, and I found myself as it were "asking" the tree for the nature of the tree from the tree's position. I still think that the short, indescribable moment that followed, which  brought me to tears, was valid. (I used to embarrass friends by speaking this to others, though it always collapsed me! It's OK on the internet, however!) 
Now I am always aware that all we "explain", from our own body to the galaxies and beyond, is only glimpse of reality.

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