Sunday 24 September 2017

A private creed

Some times I wonder why I go to church and take Christianity seriously ... so I've tried to put down what it is that keeps me there: a sort of "Private Creed".

Here it is

I believe in the one ultimate being, “Pure Isness” bringing into existence all universes, including our own universe, and flowing to all forms of existence. By “God” I understand the presence of Pure Isness as it initiated the flaring forth of our universe, and its presence in all the physical and unknown processes that have eventually created us, and I believe that humans can think and act in ways beyond the physical.
I believe in Jesus Christ, born of Mary and Joseph, a man uniquely and fully open to God, who lived and died as described in the Gospels.
I believe that some or all of the openness to God of Jesus can also arise in us, and particularly in groups of people, where it called “The Holy Spirit”.

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