Friday 8 September 2017

So, to continue from my last blog, what/who is "god"?
In the blog before last I stressed the notion of the creator-god, responsible for the "flaring forth" of the universe. The buck stops here: there is no "before": indeed, there is no time to be "before" in.
But what has this god to do with the god proclaimed by Jesus as "Father"?

The traditional ways of exegesis don't really help me, but there is a slight clue in story of Moses asking to "see God" (Exodus 33:18), in which God say's "You cannot see my face, for no mortal may see me and live". The ensuing compromise of Moses being allowed to see God's back is not very helpful to us (!!) but the general idea of intimations of God might be helpful, remembering that all things that we see and and feel are tiny fragments.
I have written of sharing the nature of trees, of feeling the essence of a small tree and of sensing a connectivity between two great rocks. There are, as it were, "resonances" between us and other beings, baring in mind that what we are doing is merely scraping the tiniest fragments of the "other" before us.
So, from this view-point, I think of the experiences of the apostles in the presence of Jesus as fragments, intimations, of the universal creator.  

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