Saturday 31 March 2018

In an earlier blog I suggested that "Surly the God of the universe is not restricted to our own tiny speck?"  In support of this I've just been reminded that John Eriugena, who lived between, roughly, 815 and 877 CE, wrote that "God is beyond the dimensions of time ... and space". So, I would think, the presence of God is universal and, among the almost infinite entities in the universe, there will be creatures that have a string connection with God.
So what about Christ, and the declaration that Jesus is "the only-begotten Son of god", suggesting that Christ, and this world, is totally unique?. Wikipedia (ēs) reveals that the word for "only" in "only begotten" is not the only sense of the Greek word monogenēs, which can mean "unique and special" as well as "the only one that there is".
The presence of God, in innumerable forms, is more vast than we can imagine. 

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