Wednesday 28 March 2018

Am I a christian?

         Every so often, out of curiosity, I ask myself "Am I a christian?" ( I sometime think this during the christian discussion groups that I sometimes go to!). The problem for me is in particular expressed by some words in the the Lord's prayer: "our father ...maker of heaven and earth..." in juntion with Jeus' central speaking of God as "my father": e.g. Mark.14.36 'Abba, Father [abba is some times translated as "daddy"] Jesus's life was continually in the presence of the Father of which he spoke.
But there is a fundamental difference between this said father of Jesus and my own father. I knew about, and was aware of, a significant proportion of all that constituted my father. Whereas Jesus, in so far as he was a man, surely only had the capacity to grasp the minute extent of the God that embraces the entire universe.

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