Monday 12 December 2016

For me, a basic problem with "the people of the book" (Judaism, Christianity and to some extent Islam, and I'm one of these)  is our interpretation of "let us make man after our image" (Genesis 1:26) - or "the Almighty breathes into [man His] spirit" (Qur'an 32:6). These suggests that we humans are set apart from all other plants and animals - and that we therefore have a free hand to do with the Earth whatever we want. In other words, that "might is right". My love of the earth recoils from this.
Rather, what I see from the stars and the trees is that we are one of the amazing items on one of the many worlds.
This is not to say that I deny the Divine that illuminates the cosmos and all that is in it. And, more and more in life, I am carried by the pure "is-ness" of existence (Hindu:"tat savitur varenyam") that illuminates us and all beings -  the is-ness that dances in the trees in my walks as well as in the stars.

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