Wednesday 14 December 2016

There's a lot of shaky writing suggesting that quantum theory can provide a basis for all sorts of "wow" events -  precognition, remote viewing and so on. Scientists (I used to be such) dismissed this by pointing out that the spooky quantum realm rules only over minute objects, and for a very short times, after which interaction with the observation degrades the mysterious 'quantum superposition' into an ordinary collection of probabilities, of the sort we are familiar with in rolling a dice.
Well, yes and no ...  On that scenario we start with a physical state and finish with a probability; so how do we get an actual result.
And other thing .... at the beginning of the universe the entire cosmos was at a quantum size, and a single quantum object stays as a quantum object. Is God the external observer? If so, we are just the playthings of God, which is theologically objectionable. I suggest that there is a real action whereby sentient beings endows isness into a possibility, and that these actions shape the single quantum state of the very beginning of the world.  

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