Monday 22 April 2019

Those following Chris's blog will have noticed the slowdown and halt of the posts. Chris made no secret of the advance of his Alzheimer's and the effect it was having on all his abilities, including the ability to write.
Many of you will already know the sad news of Chris's death last Tuesday. I (Isabel) am pasting ino this blog the general notice we sent round to ensure that everyone who cared about Chris, and all he stood for as expressed in his blog, is informed. We (son Leon and I) will be opening a webpage and extension of the blog for memories and comments - so do feel free to react to this post.
With love to all who cared for Chris and valued his thoughts,

Chris Clarke. 22.02.1946 - 16.04.2019

To let you know that, following his diagnosis of cancer in 2012, and transfer to the Palliative Care  Team in January 2019, Chris died,  7.15 a.m. on 16th April.   He had been active and independent until mid March when things started to go down.  He then deteriorated rapidly 12th/13th April, and went into hospital on the evening of 13th.. I said goodbye to him that evening, in a very good last conversation, where we recalled the family, and, aware he was moving towards death, he laughed, and said how ‘bizarre’ it felt.
Leon and Dunstan arrived on 14th, and we stayed with him in turns, but he did not regain consciousness.
The Funeral will be on Friday 3rd May at St. Michael’s Church, Southampton Centre, at about 13.30 – details tbc. This will be followed by the ecological burial he wished for, in the beautiful woodland site of the Sustainability Centre, East Meon; then gathering at 6 Blenheim Avenue. (No flowers other than spare able from the garden or legal from the countryside. A short list of relevant causes to choose from will be included in the full details.)
We planned a celebration of Chris’s life and creativity, a tea party event, on 19th May, with the idea that Chris would be with us, though approaching the end. This will of course go ahead.
Please email me at if you would like the full details of the events outlined here – all are most welcome.
Please pass this information on to anyone who knew Chris and would be interested, and apologies if you have duplicated or overlapping emails.

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  1. In Memory of Chris
    Chris - I always felt you were looking to the stars for guidance and you were not dragged down by the mud of the world in your aspirations. I first heard you give a talk at Sarum College, Salisbury in about 1998. You spoke about quantum physics and spirituality. More than that, your gentle, compassionate nature spoke to me of someone on an authentic spiritual journey. And bang, that was it. The start of my big adventure through the mystical forests of green spirituality. In this way, you have had a profound impact on my life. Finding my soul’s calling is a precious gift from the Universe and I want to thank you, deeply, for handing it to me.

    Ian Mowll