Monday 22 January 2018

God-bothering again

(Sorry, this one is a bit rambling and heavy!)
Yesterday, as frequently, we went to Church. As I mentioned, I'm prepared to pronounce the Creed ("We believe in God ...") as a general whole of the people, but I can't myself agree with quite a lot of this document. So what do I think about it?
I'm getting closer to Christianity through recognizing human beings' various "ways of knowing" (to quote a multi-authored book* that I edited). The idea came from work by Teasdale and Barnard in 1993: that the mind operated through two interacting systems, which they named "Propositional", working things out,  and "Implicational",  the total response to the situation. 
Rather conveniently - or perhaps linked with our evolution - the world as whole seems to be not a rigid mechanism, as Newton proclaimed, but a combination of a randomness at the smallest level and general laws over the whole, which together open out the world. As a result of this, "God is", and we encounter Gods, total is-ness, in many ways.     
*Ways of Knowing, Imprint Academic, almost certainly out of print! 

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