Friday 1 December 2017

I make the brown bread in our house: here's the recipe
50 gm yeast,  250gm strong white bread flour,  1kg strong whole-meal  flour,  sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, warm water, butter.
Usual measuring thing things and large bowl. Bread pans.
Cream yeast with some sugar and warm water. Add 150ml of the water, sprinkle over with strong white flour and set in a warm place to rise. Meanwhile put the remaining white flour in a pile in the bowl and the whole meal flour in two piles (for convenience).  Sprinkle in 1.3 tsp salt overall, and mix some oil (about 1 serving spoon) into one of the piles (or can be done later).  Roast the sunflower seeds and mix them in, and the same with the sesame seeds (put a cover over it if they start shooting out!). Put the linseed into a cup of water to soak.
Mix everything except the linseed together and mix, adding warm water as required: it needs to be wet enough too handle for kneading, but not sticky. This first kneading is mainly just to get it well mixed and in into a shape convent for handing (e.g. a sphere). 
While it’s rising, this is a good time to grease the pans with butter (not oil, because the high temperature of roasting makes it nasty!) This rising is not too critical – not larger than doubling the volume. Then divide it into the pans and let it rise until it fit the pans as required. Drain the liquid from the linseed and spread the seeds over the breads. Roast until done.

No need to copy this: be inspired to invent your own!

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