Monday 1 May 2017

Shades of Green

Yesterday Isabel and I went to a meeting of a nearby Green Spirit group, having been out of contact with it for some time. Later I found myself pondering the varieties of "Green-ness". They are all about having an awareness of the other-than-human world, but this has many aspects. My daily intent is that of opening to the creatures that I encounter: trees, plants, birds, squirrels, rats (once I was delighted by a female rat squatting beside two of her babies who were chasing and rolling on each other) and so on. And then there are the expanses of being: the rocky outcrops from the two sides of a valley that seems to be calling to each other; the beauty of the clouds, mystery of the stars and planets, the milky way, and once a glimpse of the Andromeda nebula (although one would not not know, without telling, that this barely visible small fuzz in the night sky was indeed this).
The  group reminded me of these, and of the practicalities that we could could keep in mind in order to support our connection with them.
All this impinges on how we live. But it is entwined with a complementary desire, or rejection, within me and within the many groups and the unending intricacy of all human connections. Here politics, religion, meditation, art .... proliferates into an endless sea.   

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