Wednesday 19 April 2017

In my last post I noted the idea that the initial "flaring forth" of universe (and perhaps many universes) was started by God: a flagrant example the "the God of the gaps", brought in to provide a reason for something we don't understand. (and there was more God-talk in blogs 2th April and 2nd March).
These illustrate the problems I have with the meaning of "God". I have already noted earlier that I belong to a Christian Community (Anglican) in which I support the essence of what is being said. Here comes a bit more!
 My sticking point, at which I cannot take the words literally, is the assertion that God is "maker of heaven and earth, and also Jesus is His son". This is an assertion that has been battled over (often literally) over thousands of years and defines Christianity. It is recognised  that this is a "mystery", and many Christians would say that it is not intended to be strictly literal: but for me there is a problem.  

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