Monday 20 March 2017

A friend commented on a recent program:

Of Islam/Koran one I said,
"A continual conundrum Chris. All religions - to a greater or lesser extent, bearing in mind that all religions are fractures and disparate in themselves anyway - have at the heard of them a love of 'the Creator' however they conceive that to be realised. That relationship is usually founded on a concept of peace and justice in the name of that God... and a requirement for people to be the best they can, in that Name. The 'veering towards evil' is indeed the human endeavour as is the abuse of the power that 'religion' endows upon the 'hierarchy'. Hence my withdrawal form formal religion. None are worthy of my time, in my view. I prefer the sacrament of nature you also speak of. The cathedrals of the trees, the fonts of pond and lake; the pneuma of the fresh breeze. If any philosophy attracts me, it is that of Taoism. What is, is. Best, Dave”

I very much sympathise with this.

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