Wednesday 18 January 2017

I've been musing about "god" recently. The notion is vital in Islam (Surah 6: "All praise is due to God who has created the heaven and the earth") and in Judaism / Christianity (The Bible, Genesis 1: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"). In these texts God is creator and sustainer of everything. But our awareness of the scope of "everything" has expanded to a staggering extent since biblical times: from a few thousand kilometers to an awareness of enumerable galaxies, millions of light years in size and ages of many billion years. Indeed it was no doubt soon realised that God, that/who that is the ultimate, is beyond space and beyond our understanding. But the basis of the Abrahamic religions is that we can, in some way, be connected with the ultimate. And we are opened to this not from a telescope, but from the radiant being of a flower or a mountain. Or from each other.

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